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Model 215-2K Two Conductors, 2@15amps & 2,000V

Disconnects included (4 lg.)
Boot Kit available
Available with stainless steel
ball bearing (215-2KSS)

Mercotac model 215-2K series is ideal for high-voltage, two-wire applications such as ultrasonic welding.

Model No. Terminals Voltage AC/DC Amp Rating @2000VAC Max. Freq. MHz Contact Resistance Max. RPM Temp
Max.F(C) / Min. F (C)
Rotation Torque
Circuit Separation
215-2K 2 0-2,000 15 100 <1m 1200 140 (60) /-20(-29) 400 >50M
215-2KSS 2 0-2,000 15 100 <1m 1200 140 (60) /-20(-29) 400 >50M

"SS" designator indicates stainless steel ball bearing (recommended for wet or corrosive environments)

Model 235 Accessories


Boot Kit for dust or splash protection IP51


Terminal 22 - 18 AWG (qty. 4 included)


Shrink Tube (qty. 4 included)

Terminals for 16-14 AWG wires available (p/n 552KB).

Model 215-2K Standard Wire Connections

Model 215-2K Wire Connections With Optional Boot

Model 215-2K Suggested Mounting Methods

Model 215-2K is typically mounted by either the black body or the white plastic bushing on either end using a set screw. When mounting horizontally, mount the Mercotac so the body of the connector rotates.

Typical Body Mount Hole Dimensions
215-2K, et al 1.248" (31.7) .80" (20)
Typical Bushing Mount Hole Dimensions
215-2K, et al .748" (19.0) .40" (10)
*Inch (mm) Tolerance Ø +.001" (+.025)
-.000" (-.000)

Installation Notes:

  • The up arrow should not point below horizontal
  • Do not solder to or bend connector tabs
  • Avoid lateral forces and mechanical loads (overly stiff or tight wires)
  • Do not rigid mount both ends of connector
  • Limit mounting eccentricity (runout / wobble) to .005" (.13mm)
  • Provide overload protection within the circuit
  • Avoid vibration and bumping motions