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Progressive Engineers, formally Progressive Engineering, was established by Mr. Nariman Mehta, a technocrat having experience of over 30 years in design, development and providing customize solutions. Progressive Engineers is situated in Mumbai having all R&D and test facilities. Our in-house laboratory can conduct all the required tests utilizing the latest equipments available in the industry and time tested quality control measures to assure reliable products such as:

  • Torque Tester
  • IR Tester
  • Electrical Test Bench
  • Vacuum Chamber Tester
  • Compression tester
  • Impulse Charger
  • Moister Tester
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Leak Detector
  • Gauss Meter
  • H.V. Tester
  • Optik Metzer Shadowgrapher
  • Conduction & Induction Heating Equip.
  • Microscope with Nikon fibre optic light
  • 4 ½ digit Multimeter
  • Inducto – meter.
  • Micro-ohm Meter
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Refractometer

We specialize ourselves in industrial automation and application development where we make use of servo motors and different PLCs (Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Siemens, B&R), designed and developed control panels for special purpose machines for many special applications.
Our import division, where we promote electronic chemicals/consumables and special industrial spares. Here we provide complete application level support to our customers, set procedures for their application & provide equipments to execute their job.
Our approach towards product development is from aesthetic to engineering, which makes the final product worthy and safe when it reaches the user.
Continual improvement is an on-going process at Progressive by which we not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Progressive leadership and its team of professionals are committed to excellence in providing innovative, cost effective solutions.
We achieve excellence with the help of advanced 3D modeling software’s running on powerful workstations and experienced professionals to execute the job. We first simulate designs to avoid flaws at manufacturing level. Our design development team includes experienced engineers.
Our customer list includes top industry leaders including Fortune 500 companies and many more, which itself is the proof of quality performance of our products & services.

Successfully executed following major applications in lasts 15 years:

  • Blister packing machines – Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model M430I on forming & sealing rollers
  • Strip Packing Machine: Replacement of central heater with cartridge heater in rollers along with Mercotac model M430I.
  • Wind Mills: Replacement of slip rings with model M43I, 630 in wind mills.
  • Electronic Carousal: Replacement of slip rings with model 830SS in electronic carousal of gas filling plant.
  • Lamination Machines: Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model 230 & model 205 in lamination rollers.
  • Electro-less Plating: Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model 1250 and 1500.
  • Rotating Packaging Machine: Replacement of slip ring and addition of Mercotac model M430I for etherNET & etherCAT up to 250Mbps communication by connecting rotating PLC with stationery HMI.
  • Knitting Machine: Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model 205 and 305 in rotary knitting machine.
  • Rotating Sachet Packing: Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model 830SS & 4100
  • Packaging Machines: Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model M430I in high speed sanitary packing and horizontal flow wrapping machines.
  • Rotary Moulding Machine: Replacement of slip rings with Mercotac model 830SS & 435SS for single phase & three phase heater connections.
  • Power Supply Encapsulation: Replacement of other international brand of epoxy with MG Chemicals 832TC epoxy for thermal conduction potting in power supply.
  • Bonding: Replacement of silver brazing with MG Chemicals Silver conductive epoxy 8331 for electrical bonding in high grade R&D project.
  • Coil Coating: Replacement of competitors insulating varnish with MG Chemicals red insulating varnish 4228 in coil coating as excellent arc and corona resistance.
  • EMI Protection: Successfully resolved the problem of EMI/RFI disturbance in defence project with MG Chemicals EMI/RFI shielding, silver coated copper 843.