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Model 305 Three Conductors, 4 Amps

Stainless steel ball bearing standard

Model No. Terminals Voltage AC/DC Amp Rating @240VAC Max. Freq. MHz Contact Resistance Max. RPM Temp
Max.F(C) / Min. F (C)
Rotation Torque
Circuit Separation
305 3 0-250 4 200 <1m 1800 140 (60) /45(7) 100 100 >25M
305 3 0-250 4 200 <1m 1000 140 (60) /-20(-29) 100 >25M

"L" designator indicates low temp.

Model 305 Accessories


three contact receptacle w/ 6" wires (18 AWG)


three contact cap w/solder lugs

Receptacle used for mounting to rotating device. Accessories required for wire connections. Order Separately.

Model 110 Connections

Note: The outer shell of the metal receptacle used for mounting is electrically conductive.

Model 305 Suggested Mounting Methods

Model 305 is typically mounted by the knurled metal receptacle, which is press-fit into the rotating member of the machine. When mounting horizontally, mount the Mercotac so the body of the connector rotates.

Receptacle Mount Hole Dimensions
593 .408" (10.36) .35" (8.89)
*Inch (mm) Tolerance Ø +.001" (+.025)
-.000" (-.000)

Top mount with non-conductive shaft.

Bottom mount with non-conductive shaft.

Horizontal mount with electrically isulated shaft.

Horizontal mount with thermal and electrically insulated shaft.

Protective housing mount with insulated shaft.

Vibration isolating mount.

Installation Notes:

  • The up arrow should not point below horizontal
  • Do not solder to or bend connector tabs
  • Avoid lateral forces and mechanical loads (overly stiff or tight wires)
  • Do not rigid mount both ends of connector
  • Limit mounting eccentricity (runout / wobble) to .005" (.13mm)
  • Provide overload protection within the circuit
  • Avoid vibration and bumping motions