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Electrically Conductive Adhesives

MG Chemicals offers two component electrically conductive adhesives for the assembly and repair of electronics. Highly filled with pure silver, they provide excellent electrical conductivity, superior adhesion, and good physical strength. Used as a cold solder, they provide electrical continuity similar to traditional soldering without the heat-stress, and they adhere to many conductive polymers where adhesion with solder is not possible. Compared to traditional one part conductive epoxies, two part systems offer the advantages of extended shelf life, room temperature storage, and much lower cure temperatures.

We offer a choice of 10-minute or 4-hour working times, and high or extreme conductivity. The 10-minute working time is good for when a quick fix, or room temperature cure is desired. The 4-hour working time is good for assembly operations where the product is mixed and then used as a one part for a four-hour shift, or when extended time is desired to ensure all of the silver is efficiently used and waste minimalized.

The extreme conductivity versions are the best choice when electrical resistance is the primary concern. The high conductivity versions have slightly lower silver content, making them a little less conductive, but also more economical and tougher.

These two options create a two by two system that customers can use to choose the right part number for their application:

Conductivity Working Time
  10 Minutes 4 Hours
High 8331 8331S
Extreme 8330 8330S